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Specifics : Plantex Organic Grease Away

  • Powerful Dishwashing Liquid

  • Tough on Grease, Gentle on your hands

  • Multipurpose Cleaner for kitchen & home use

  • Can clean stoves, tiles, etc to remove stains & odors

  • Food Grade & Non-toxic

  • Safe enzyme microbe cleaner with antibacterial properties

  • Effective Grease Cutter/Digester

  • Kills 99.9% of pathogenic microorganism

Plantex Organic Grease Away

Plantex Organic Grease Away Cleaning Solution is the  ultimate dishwashing solution! Made proudly Pinoy, it is ideal for kitchen use by having superior degreasing, cleaning and disinfecting power- whilst being fragrant, organic and environmentally friendly!


Plantex organic solutions doesn’t just mask the odors and stains created by greasy waste and bacteria, we deal with them at the source! As a disinfectant, it kills 99.9% of pathogenic microorganisms such as:

  • Salmonella

  • Typhosa

  • Pseudomonas

  • Staphylococcus

  • Etc


Practically, Plantex Organic Ultimate Cleaning Solution can be used to remove grease, tough dirt, stain, grime, molds & mildew anywhere inside and outside the kitchen! It is especially ideal in cleaning oily plates, utensils, stoves and surfaces.


Despite being a powerful cleaning agent, our solutions are environmentally Friendly! We take pride in embodying the modern solution against the environmental repercussions of chemical waste. Plantex solutions are completely organic, made directly from plants to synthesize powerful enzymes- making it certifiably non-toxic and very, very safe for your use. In the off chance that Plantex Organic Grease Away wasn’t rinsed properly when washing dishes- Our organic and non-toxic solution ensures your safety!

How to use (Recommended) : Plantex Organic Grease Away

  • Shake well before opening

  • Add few drops onto wet sponge

  • Lather then rinse utensils, plates, equipment, etc

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