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Plantex Industrial Products

Plantex® Industrial Products has a complete product line for your sanitation and disinfection needs in the areas of Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants, Buildings and Offices, Bakeries and Coffee Shops, Laundry Shops and Pet Shops. 

Plantex® Industrial Products are the alternative organic cleaning solution that are made from renewable materials and substances that has no negative impact on our environment compared to the chemical based products in the market today. 

By using Plantex® Industrial Products in your daily operation, you are treating the wastewater that you are producing at the same time.    

Plantex Organic Biozyme

Plantex Organic Clean and Soft Liquid Laundry Detergent

Plantex Organic Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - Liter

Plantex Organic Liquid Hand Soap Solution

Plantex Organic All in One Cleaning Solution - 1 Gallon

Plantex Organic Fabric Conditioner

Plantex Organic Grease Away

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