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Think GREEN, Think PLANTEX Solution!

The term 'green' has been thrown around more and more the recent years, telling us to practice going green or thinking green. Attention has been given to it by the media, and the idea has been introduced to the people, but going green more often than not requires a commitment to change one's lifestyle­ a commitment too big for the busy lives of most people. For this problem Plantex offers a solution, and for those already leading an eco­-friendly lifestyle, Plantex offers convenience.

What does ‘green’ imply? What does it mean and why should everyone be concerned? “Going green” means to protect the environment and its natural resources for the sake of the current and future generations. Everyone as a living creature on the planet should be at least aware, if not concerned, of the imprint we leave for our future generations. “Going green” has a large focus on our future generations and the sustainability of our actions. Having such a heavy goal can incite people to completely change their lifestyles, a lifestyle that focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling wherever and whenever possible. It also implies using products that are considered to be green, to ensure that the imprint you leave on the environment is kept to a minimum. We can live a green life by understanding the repercussions of our actions, acting to improve the current situation and making decisions that support ecological responsibility, decisions like using Plantex.

Importantly why Plantex? 'green' has been the popular words for such concepts as green tends to be the color of natural vegetation, of nature. there has been a wide spread in awareness of being green, and recently developments in technology regarding "green", such as the development of Plantex products. We can also actively minimize our harmful impact on nature, usually this implies a dramatic change in lifestyle that people tend to shy away from, but with Plantex it is far easier. there is no need for a change in lifestyle, just a change in the brand of your everyday product of choice! Plantex products are all eco-­friendly and biodegradable. It­ and by extension its user drastically reduces their environmental impact.

How is Plantex considered ‘green’? We acknowledge that for many things in everyday life, primarily cleaning, there is a great need for your standard grocery shelf chemical cleaning agents. They are almost irreplaceable for the jobs they were designed for, but the widely accepted and normally used agents are not eco-­friendly, they leave a heavy imprint, and when treated without specific procedures, are considered toxic waste and a great harm to the environment. The full on green lifestyle will usually involve making your own DIY cleaning products as a solution, done with biodegradable and eco friendly materials that commonly come at a higher cost and lower efficiency. Plantex proposes a better solution­ with organic cleaning solutions. Products that can compete with the efficiency of the standard grocery shelf chemical agents while being completely eco friendly. It has no potentially hazardous materials, is biodegradable, non toxic and safe for the user.

Plantex Products achieve efficiency while being eco-­friendly and organic, it is completely biodegradable, it may be used as an odor ­eliminator, disinfectant, Multi­purpose cleaner, degreaser and so on. Plantex products attains this eco friendly aspect from using recyclable raw materials, otherwise considered as biodegradable waste, such as banana trunks, fruits and vegetables that are naturally biodegradable and sustainable to our environment. Plantex is thus considered green.

Plantex offers a compromise to the busy people who can't afford a dramatic change in lifestyle, and for those who already have­ an easier, more effective alternative for the present and future.

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