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Clean Clothes, Clean Environment! Plantex Green Organic Laundry Detergent

Say one day you’re doing your laundry. The washing machine stirs up the water, mixing your underwear, the water and the laundry detergent into a mesmerizing white bubbly whirlpool. It's all nice and clean, just like your clothes and your personal hygiene. Then the machine rinses the clothes, and that load of water carrying the dirt and detergent from the laundry gets flushed out of sight and out of mind. How fascinating and convenient. Now, bringing it back to mind, the same happens washing the dishes, taking a shower, nearly every use with household cleaning chemical, the waste is rinsed down drain and flushed down toilets. The used water carrying all those chemicals goes down the drain, out of your house and to the rest of the world. Liquid waste like that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and ammonia, which are dangerous water contaminants in copious quantities. Imagine a lively, active pond- and then pouring said cleaning chemicals into it. Not too eco friendly now is it? (Unless it’s Plantex) Thankfully most toxic pollutants like that exaggeration are removed by the centralized waste treatment facilities before the water is returned to the lakes, streams, and every other waterway of nature.

However, the mentioned chemicals are not completely removed by waste treatment processes, as surprisingly they are used in agriculture to help plants grow. Isn’t that great? It even helps the environment. But the environment is all about balance, too much growing is bad too. These chemicals build up in bodies of water and cause accelerated growth in certain types of plant. Now this starts a domino effect of imbalance. The accelerated growth can result in abnormally large amounts of vegetation that clog waterways and affect the ecology of the body of water. Some animals may thrive and reproduce more due to the abundance of food and cause the population of other species to change drastically or be endangered, such as the competing vegetation and the species that rely on them. When the lifecycle of the chemically accelerated vegetation’s ends, their decaying remains deplete the oxygen levels of the water, in addition to algae growth, the body of water can be drained of its oxygen, causing the animals within to die off, who’s remains will continue to make it inhabitable, which will cause more imbalance and death, all simply due to overuse of certain household cleaning chemicals and general ignorance.

So what would be different if that batch of laundry used plantex (insert specific product) instead? What would happen with a simple change of brand? Plantex is far more eco friendly than your standard cleaning chemicals, in the exaggerated example where the cleaning solution is dumped into a lively pond, Plantex will do the least damage as it is made with organic materials, materials such as banana trunks, fruit, vegetable parts. All materials used in Plantex products are natural to the environment, completely biodegradable, leaving no imprint behind. And because of that it is even borderline edible, without posing as much of a great threat to the human body, it poses a far lesser threat to the environment.

Now it’s easy to assume such aspects of being eco friendly comes at the cost of effectiveness. And while it is respectable should you decide to use Plantex despite such an assumed disadvantage, that is not the case. Plantex cleaning solutions are just as effective as any cleaning agent you can find in the grocery. It just comes with the added advantage of being eco friendly and nontoxic. If you are a pet owner and lover, you would know the struggles with using cleaning products. Some pets tend to lick the floor or furniture quite a bit, and if you use cleaning products not as organic as Plantex solutions, then they can fall ill, then you’ll have to care for an sick loved one and veterinarian fees.

Change for the better of the future is not as difficult as one thinks, not with Plantex, it even comes with its own immediate personal advantages. Plantex has a mission. A mission is to help care for the environment by creating products that are nature-based to minimize pollution. Plantex does this by promoting Green Consumerism, Green Living and Green Purchasing. All you need to do is join us for the future.

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