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Plantex Solution Supports You In Accomplishing A Better Change!

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

One day you're doing grocery and you need to buy some rice. Feeling adventurous you look for a brand you’ve never used before, while keeping an eye on the price tag. Then you notice the enticing promise of health by the words “organic” and the nationalistic words of “support local farmers!”, you’re convinced- but then the price tag is less than ideal compared to the standard bags. You return to your usual brand or something of the same or lower price. More often than not many of us tend to neglect products by local business for one reason or another. Ever wondered how much of your things are produced by local businesses? That cleaning detergent, pen, spoon, floor mat and so on. There's a good chance a lot of them are not made by local businesses. It’s not a large or an immediate problem like protecting the environment, but the smart buyer should know the repercussions of their actions, be it for the economy or the environment. Supporting local businesses is an important thing, and one of the missions of Plantex.

If they’re locally made why do they cost more? Thinking about it from a farther perspective, local products can be seen as slightly more expensive because the big brands sell more, and because of that they can sell cheaper, and because of that they sell more... and the cycle continues. With a larger capital they can afford to do such, but most local businesses do not have that luxury to lower the prices too much. Then what’s stopping them from that? Us buyers not choosing them because of a few measly pesos.

A simple analogy is that money is like blood. The money in the community just as the blood in our body needs to flow around for an economy to work nicely. When that money is spent on outside businesses that do not spend the money back into the community, it is like bloodletting. And just like the history behind bloodletting, it is not too healthy for the body, meaning the community. As mentioned it may not be a huge problem as it is regulated by the government in taxes, but every bit from every buyer counts. Keep an eye out for local brands, support local businesses for the community. Support Plantex, a local business, to support local farmers and local agriculture businesses. It is just another community benefitting cycle.

Buyers tend to shy away from products by local businesses due to the marketing or price tag. However Plantex Solution does not have the latter as a disadvantage. Plantex Solution is an all-Filipino company producing cost-effective environmental products and organic cleaning agents using local plants and materials. Plantex Solution has a main campaign of “Green Purchasing and Green Consumerism”, there is an active effort to lower the price tag. There is a great cycle of support for the community as the main materials of Plantex Solution products are organic waste materials coming from fruit and vegetable vendors and small farmers, then the products are sold locally. It is easy to assume that having the original materials come from plant waste may degrade the quality of Plantex Solution cleaning solutions, but the opposite is true. Quality has not been sacrificed, in fact PlanteX is one of the projects for the Philippine Local Government Unit. Its effectiveness, environmentally and economically beneficial aspects has been recognized.

Support local businesses and our environment by trying out a Plantex Solution product. It will benefit you, the environment and the economy. With Plantex Solution, striving for change environmentally and economically has never been easier!

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